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Judicial Independence & Diversity Initiative

Achieving and Maintaining an Independent and Diverse Judiciary

Safeguarding Democracy: Quest for a More Diverse Judiciary

The League of Women Voters continues to work to promote the importance of fair and impartial courts nation-wide. Since October 2009, the League has been focusing on promoting independence and diversity at all levels of the state judiciary to enhance the legitimacy of our system of justice in the eyes of an increasingly diverse public. A continuation of the status quo will "affect the way citizens look at the role courts play in their communities, erode the trust in the courts, question the right of equality under the law, and negatively affect the perception of the judiciary as fair and impartial."

Long Term Goals

The LWVSC believes that judicial independence and diversity at all levels of our state courts is crucial, not only because different viewpoints make for a more robust jurisprudence, but also because it helps to legitimize our justice system in the eyes of a diverse public.

The LWVSC initiative on judicial independence and diversity has two long term goals:

1) To educate citizens about the importance of an independent and diverse judiciary; and

2) To prompt SC legislators and the governor to pass legislation that will restore the separation of powers between South Carolina's Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government.

Judicial Independence And Diversity Website

This website is a resource dedicated to achieving the long term goals of the Judicial Independence and Diversity Initiative. In addition, this website serves as a resource for any anyone interested in knowing how the South Carolina Judicial Branch is organized and operates. Every effort will be made to ensure that the content of this website is current and accurate. Please contact the League of Women Voters of Greenville County if any information contained herein needs to be updated or appears inaccurate.

This website is supported (in part) by a grant from the Transparency and Integrity Fund of the Open Society Foundations.