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Primary Runoffs- June 28 Tuesday-Your Vote Matters

If ever there was a situation where your vote matters in Greenville County, it is now. There are several important runoff elections. Here is the information you need to make a difference in your community.

The following are the runoff races:
State Senate - District 6 - GOP Primary
State Senate - District 12 - GOP Primary
Greenville Co. Sheriff GOP Primary
Greenville Co. Council Dist. 21 GOP Primary
Greenville Co. Council Dist. 25 Dem Primary

To find out who the candidates are in the runoff races in your district, go to, and type in your address.

A voter is entitled to vote in the June 28th runoff elections under two scenarios in SC election law:

If a voter voted in a particular party's primary on June 14th, this voter may only vote in that same party's runoff. For example, if you voted in the Republican primary on June 14th then you can only vote in the Republican runoff. if you voted in the Democratic primary on June 14th, then you can only vote in the Democratic runoff. It does not matter which presidential primary you voted in. What matters is which primary you voted in on June 14th.

If a voter did not vote in any primary on June 14th, then this voter may chose to vote in either party's primary. It does not matter if you did or did not vote in either party's presidential primary.

If you are unable to vote on Tuesday 28th, you can vote early. In Greenville County, go to or call 467-7250 for in person absentee voting hours at County Square (301 University Ridge).

Make a real difference and vote in the runoff elections June 28th.

For more information, email

SC Ethics Reform Bill Signing

(New)Vote Find the facts about voting in your state at Before an election, find your polling place.


We're pleased to share OUR PRESIDENTIAL VOTER GUIDE to help voters learn about the candidates and their visions for America's future. Our voters' guide includes thoughts from the candidates on a range of issues from the economy to foreign policy, as well as their position on the role money plays in our political process. The guide will be updated as candidates update their answers, additional candidates answer or meet our criteria, and as candidates end their campaigns, so bookmark it and check back closer to your state's primary date.

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